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The v1.2.1.1 release of the python package is out 🎉. Click here to learn more.

Learn Python

This tutorial provides a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the Python language. Python version 3, which is the latest and the correct one!


Take our tutorials and courses on DSA, python and our own package eduAlgo.

Checkout Projects

We have a few awesome projects on DS & Algo in python, don't forget to check them out on github once you got your basics clear.


We are glad to have contributors for our projects, don't forget to send me a mail regarding your interest and we will get in touch with you.

About Us

We are an open-source organization focused on making algorithm learning easier for python developers especially for the beginners by creating modules in the python package eduAlgo. Other than this, we are having a few opensource projects, which are participating in numerous of opensource programs as organization projects. Not only this, we are in a process to design courses and modules for beginners to learn DSA in python.

What we have for you,

  • An opensource community
  • Teamwork, project development ethics
  • A lot of learning
  • Diving into the depth of Algorithm Design
  • Maintaining clean, human-readable code

eduAlgo is made by Pythoneers for python developers, students and educators and is 100% OpenSource as long as you keep the MIT License attached without changing the statements or the copyright section inside the license documentations. We have an aim to promote algorithm learning in python and opensource developement in parallel. We would be more than happy to have you as our contributor.

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eduAlgo is an opensource organization

We promote opensource development by increasing the skill set of developers anf giving them a chance to contribute in our very own projects. We also conduct time to time sessions on different technical advancements through opensource softwares.

  • 01 How do we support opensource ?

    We have been a part of many opensource events like FOSS Hack 20, PyCon India Devsprint 20, WoC 20(Winter of Code) etc as a project organization, by mentoring the participants on opensource project development as well as tried to enhance related skills like writing clean code properly documenting code & software engineering best practises.

  • Algorithm design is the best way to learn algorithms, we host a few projects on DSA in python, with proper documentations. As well as we are organizing regular coding competitions on HackerRank to support algoritmic learning.

  • We are one of the biggest supporter of contribution and anyone irrespective of any degree and level of experience are welcome to contribute in our projects any time of the year. Please feel free to get-in touch with us.

Developer Corner

We are very fond of developers out there, we want them to contribute and grow along with us. The contributions that our developers have made previously are precious and we are glad to have them here.

Visit Github

Checkout our github organization, you can be a part of the organization by contributing to our projects listed there.

Checkout PyPI

Checkout our PyPI(Python Packaging Index) page to learn more on our previous releases and to download .tar files.

Package Documentation

Check our package documentation site in order to learn more on different modules and their structures.

Write Blogs

You may read/write a few of our articles and let us know the feedback.

Coding Contests

We organize regular contests on HackerRank, please don't forget to join there and test your programming skills.

Join Us

Interns for opensource development as well as other posts like blog writing and graphic designing.


We have an awesome team of smart developers.

Core Team

Abhijit Tripathy

Founder, Director

I am a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a strong believer of the opensource revolution.

Antaripa Saha

Director, Community Outreach

I am an explorer of NLP and Quantum Computing, and I love contributing to the tech community.

Aditi Jha

General Manager

I am a python programmer who loves designing and strategizing content.

Amogh Pete

Marketing Manager

I am quite interested in blockchain and marketing, especially product marketing.

Developer Team

Kulsoom Zahra

Junior Developer

She is a Python & Frontend developer who likes to explore different dimensions of technology.

Tanu Sharma

Junior Developer

She is a C++ developer who likes to explore different algorithms & research topics.

Pradeep Singh Bhati

Junior Developer

He is a Competitive Programmer who likes to dive deep into Data Structures and Algorithms.

Kartik Bhatia

Junior Developer

He is an expert on codeforces who likes to do competitive programming.

Former Contributors

Pransh Tiwari

SDE 2, Amazon

He is a Software Development Engineer & a python enthusiast, who has added some useful code snippets during HacktoberFest 20.

Yash Bhawsar

Software Engineer, Morgan Stanley

Yash is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Rengraj D.

Senior Software Engineer, Gogo

He is an active member in ChennaiPy python user group chennai. Like to do coding in Hardware level as well as for application level programing.

Kanak Kavadi

Contributing Member, Python Software Foundation

Kanak is the Co-Host, Producer, Designer of the podcast on YouTube named 'The VoiceIt Show', he is an active opensource contributor at PSF.


We have a strong back support from our intern team that includes Python Developers, Frontend Developers, Flutter Developers writing a ton of codes for our organization, we heartly congratulate them for being selected as an intern and being a part of so much learning.

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We create and maintain opensource projects.


Project 1

Python Package

  • Opensourced
  • PyPI Published
  • DS & Algo
  • Documentation

Project 2

Android Application

  • Opensourced
  • Android/IOS Development
  • UI Designing
  • Documentation

Project 3

Reference Site

  • Opensourced
  • Responsive Designing
  • UI Designing
  • Documentation

Project 4

Machine Learning
Grokking ML

  • Opensourced
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Documentation

Project 5

Interview Preparation
Algorithmic Treasure

  • Opensourced
  • Algorithms
  • Interview Preparation
  • Problems